A Little About Butterfly Whispers

Butterfly Whispers Boutique came about by us wanting to start a children’s boutique ever since our kiddos were born but what you may not know is why exactly we call it “Butterfly Whispers”
So many of you knew our Granny and anyone that was able to know her was blessed to say the least. In 2016 we found out she had cancer and in 2017 she was called home to be with Jesus. This lady was the glue to our huge family and would’ve done anything for anyone, she literally did. When I think of my childhood memories I think of Sunday church followed by a Sunday lunch she would make for all of us, us crazy kids starting fires in her barn in the winter 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ building club houses; one being in her chicken coop that she let us spray paint, digging huge holes in her pasture for hopes of a swimming pool then later swimming in her swimming pool (she probably did that to save herself some trouble lol) and that’s only to name a few of our many adventures.
She was the best and I feel like saying the best is even an understatement. Our Granny had such a love for the Lord and such a connection that the night before we said our goodbyes she knew the next day exactly where she would be, she said she may be meeting Jesus tomorrow.
After 2017, our lives changed tremendously. After losing her we started seeing butterflies everywhere it seemed. Butterfly Whispers came from the saying, “Whisper I love you to a Butterfly and it will fly up and carry your message to heaven.” There’s not a day that she’s not missed. We know she would be so proud of us and is rooting us along the way, all the way up there from Heaven! ❤️🦋